The Ahn Trio

Ahn Trio

Violin, Cello, Piano

The Ahn Trio – composed of sisters Lucia (piano), Maria (cello) & Angella (violin) – has enthralled audiences with their freewheeling approach to chamber music, original programming, musical trailblazing & unabashed zeal in playing works of all genres of music. All trained at the Juilliard School of Music, the Korean-born sisters have been celebrated as consummate musicians, innova- tive collaborators, classical music ambassadors & teachers. The LA Times has called them “exacting & exciting musicians,” and New York Newsday has proclaimed them “Classical Revolutionaries.”

They have performed the world over for two decades, as well as all 50 states, the White House, Lincoln Center, Beijing’s Concert Hall and many other great venues in Europe and Asia.
The Trio’s unique approach to classical music led them early on to the pages ot TIME magazine’s “Asian Wiz Kids” story, VOGUE magazines in several countries, GQ, People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people issue, art magazine VISIONAIRE and Glamour magazine, among others. The Butte Symphony is proud to welcome them to share our stage.