The 69th Season

What do architects, mining engineers, geologists, housewives, high school students, Montana Tech students, retirees of all kinds, school teachers, medical professionals, school administrators, and many other 'plain old everyday people' have in common?  All these people perform with the Butte Symphony orchestra.

Volunteering does take time (about 15 hours of ensemble rehearsal time per concert in addition to private practice time), but all these individuals do it anyway. Without them the orchestra would not exist and the BSA sincerely thanks all who give of themselves to help.

Musicians who have volunteered to perform with the Butte Symphony this season are listed by section below. ('*' denotes a section principal)

First Violins

Kyara Nelsen* (Concertmaster)
Sarah Zora
Rachel Boyd
Gary Costle
Jamie Costle
Gayla Hess
Jessica Woodward

Second Violins

JaNae Anderson*
Nathan Bradley
Lauren Larios
Kate Miller
Laura Schneider
Susan Schrader
Betty Waren


Alex Holter*
Rob Holter
Jared Selva


Hunter Boles
Grace Ostermiller
Ruth Rotondi


Andrew McFarland*


Janet Shuttlesworth*
LuAnn Ochsner
Melanie Martin-Dent


Steven Gammon
Molly Ross*


Chelsea Bloemeke
Patrick Christianson
Patty Larios*

French Horn

Paul Vang*
Pete Godtland
Jean Perusich
Dave Stonehocker


Tom Patton*
Steve Tarrant
JP Letourneau
Dan Olson


Spencer Bartow
Chuck Kestle*
Pete Knudsen


Jessica Jones*
Andrew Ellmaker


Don Kronenberger*
Nicole Ribeiro


Jessie Fischer *

Join the Symphony!

Are you interested in joining the Butte Symphony as a musician.  The orchestra holds auditions at the first rehearsal for individual concerts. Rehearsals are typically on Monday evening from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. During concert week they will run on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. Volunteering as a musician does take time, about 15 hours of ensemble rehearsal time per concert in addition to private practice time. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Butte Symphony please contact Lowell at for more information and to set up an audition.

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