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Butte Symphony Executive Director Job Description

The Butte Symphony is the oldest and original symphony in Montana, beginning its 70th Season this year. We are looking to hire an enthusiastic, experienced Executive Director to help lead us in new directions. We plan to have the position filled by August 2019.
Basic Responsibilities:
To make sure we have a good orchestra. This task is shared with the Conductor, musicians, and the Symphony Board.
To provide the tools and wherewithal for the conductor and musicians to make music.
To be responsible.
To carry out policy as established by the Symphony Board. It is also the Director's responsibility to advise the Board on what that policy should be.
To communicate. To ask who needs to know what. To advise the Board, the Conductor, the musicians, donors, audience members, and other constituents promptly and regularly in writing.
To assist the Board and volunteer guild to define and carry out their responsibilities.
To appreciate and thank everyone who helps make the orchestra a success-Board members, Guild members, volunteers, musicians, and our audience and donors.
Financial Responsibility:
To prepare and present a balanced budget to the Board.
To operate within the approved budget and to update the budget weekly and monthly. Pay and invoice promptly and accurately, in coordination with our accounting firm.
To keep the Board apprised in writing on the current and future financial condition of the orchestra.
Organizational Responsibility:
Together with the Conductor, to plan and schedule concerts and rehearsals.
To be present at all rehearsals, and make sure they run smoothly.
To keep records: financial, ticket sales, fundraising, grants, volunteers, schedules, prospects.
To negotiate and contract for the guest artists and guest conductors in consultation with the Conductor and as approved by the Board.
To ensure all venues are booked and prepared.
To have excellent logistics skills. The manager must make certain the venue is ready, the temperature is right, the programs prepared and printed, the music rented, the chairs moved, the stands ready, and the piano tuned, among many other details.
To negotiate with the musicians and Conductor if necessary, to make the concert go well and on time.
To manage the office and all administrative details in a manner that is consistent with good management practices.
Fundraising and Marketing Responsibilities:
Together with the Board, to raise the necessary funds in contributions to fill the gap between expenses and earned income. This includes planning campaigns, finding and making connections, recruiting additional fundraising help as needed, providing high-quality marketing and fundraising materials, and meeting directly with donors.
To publicize and promote the orchestra creatively and effectively. Fundamentally, to sell tickets-to make sure there is an audience for the conductor and the musicians.
To explore and apply for grants from government, foundations, and corporations.
To work with MASO to promote our symphony and network with other Montana symphonies.
To become an advocate not only for the symphony orchestra, but for all of the arts.
Management experience
Fundraising and donor development skills
Budgetary, fiscal management, and reporting skills
Marketing, promotion, and public relations skills
Interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate with our community partners, Music Director, Board members, audience members, and other stakeholders. Understanding of human resources issues.
Strategic planning experience
Working Hours: 32 hours/week. Schedule will necessarily be flexible, with concert weeks requiring more/weekend hours, which can reduce hours in less intensive weeks.
Salary: $32,000/year, paid monthly, depending upon qualifications and experience.
Contact: Executive Director Search Committee
Butte Symphony Association
321 W. Broadway
PO Box 725
Butte, MT 59703
(406) 723-5590

Deadline: July 7th by Midnight

Submissions or Question can be e-mailed to

2017/2018 Butte Symphony Association's Board of Directors
Dori Skrukrud -- President

Kareniesa Kohn -- Vice President/Secretary

Janet Thompson -- Guild Representative

Andrew McFarland -- Orchestra Representative

Jamie Costle - Treasurer

Susan Barth

Don Kronenberger
William Dee (Honorary)
Heidi Scnarr (Honorary)
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Butte Symphony Association
PO Box 725 | 321 W. Broadway
Butte, MT 59703

(406) 723-5590